Announcement: “Broken” has a new artist

Hey all, I want to share an announcement with all of you, seeing as I hit and broke the 400 followers mark on Twitter today.

Broken has a new artist. Unfortunately, Allen Byrns couldn’t continue on the series. He’s an in-demand and up-and-coming artist in this industry, and I can’t tie him down.

But it’s okay, people. Really. Because someone has agreed to come on board for issue 2 of Broken. A guy I’ve wanted to work with forever. A guy who I know is going to kick some major ass on this book.

I’d like to introduce the artist for Broken issue 2, Mr. James Giar, or the good and holy Reverand Jim as he’s known.

Jim is a dynamite comics artist, and has done work for Once Upon a Time Machine from Dark Horse, as well as a story in Outre magazine, and lots of live art with the Rust Belt Monster Collective.

Here’s a couple of samples of Jim’s work:


Jim Giar 1


Jim Giar 2


And here’s a link to Jim’s online portfolio:

Welcome Jim aboard! He’ll be teaming with a colorist he’s worked with (who colored that first image) named Tim Switalski. 215 Ink and I look forward to what Jim and Tim can do with the second issue of Broken!

The first issue is still available right here for a mere 99c:

Thanks all, have a great weekend! I recommend you pull out that copy of “Twice Removed” by Sloan and rock out this weekend.



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