Some unseen, unused Breakneck pages.

Breakneck was my first big “hit” in comics. The first book I ever had on the stands, the first book I ever got unsolicited reviews on, the first book that ever drew an audience to my work.

I’m getting ready to bring Breakneck back in a big way in the new year. For now, you can find the trade of the first 4 issues at Amazon for under 10 bucks:

But I wanted to show something to you all, my faithful followers. A couple years back, I wanted to put together a Breakneck anthology, 3 short stories set in the Breakneck world. I created one with Carl Yonder, which was the origin of militaristic hero Captain Stone. I created one with Allen Byrns, which was the origin of Breakneck’s “hero” Ethan Shade. I’m not showing you either of those, because I still have plans to use them.

However, I did find some pages from an artist named Will Harris that I worked with on a short story featuring Professor Monster – the bigfoot scientist who was a member of the Cult of Intelligence in Breakneck issue 4. Here are some of those pages:

Page 1: Professor Monster is writing in his journal. Bigfoots do that. They’re sensitive souls.



Page 2: Professor Monster…does some typing? I’m not sure. I don’t remember what I wrote.



Page 3:Professor Monster has a disagreement with Breakneck’s big bad, Doctor Winter. Winter is a bit of an asshole, so it’s no wonder Monster storms away in a huff.



Page 4: A meeting of the Cult of Intelligence. We see series regulars Sister Science, the Technician (the shiny-faced dude), Ethan Shade (looking bored out of his skull), and the Ironworker. And Doctor Winter shaking a classic villain fist.



Page 5: Doctor Winter, in all his villainous glory.



Page 6: Incomplete page referencing the scene in Breakneck issue 4, where the Cult of Intelligence bursts into the courtroom to rescue Doctor Winter.



Page 7: Professor Monster tears the alien power battery out of the chest of the Green Lantern analogue, Blue Force.



There were more pages that I can’t find now. It’s too bad this didn’t get finished, these were some great pages. Will had a great style going on here. I haven’t heard from him in over 2 years now. That kind of thing happens in this industry, unfortunately.

But I have these great pages we can all enjoy.

I’ll be back soon, I promise!


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