A recently uncovered dead project.

A while ago I was highlighting a bunch of dead projects, and I can’t remember if this one was included. And I can be arsed to go check. So, here we go…

My last post was about a short Breakneck story that an artist named Will Harris did for me. Will and I were also working on a series that was going to be called The Carriers.

The Carriers was a much older idea I had that originally started off as a horror/superhero book and morphed into something completely different. Jason Jarava and I originally worked on the Carriers in it’s horror heyday, but when Will and I started to work on it, it changed into something much more mainstream.

The concept of the Carriers was that there was a genocidal supervillain who had created a designer virus to eliminate a good chunk of the world, because hey, that’s what villains do. Only it turned out that a small percentage of people were immune to the virus – immune to the point that it didn’t kill them, but it changed them. They became carriers of the virus, which granted them superhuman abilities.

The team was led by obvious Batman analogue the Investigator:



The story focused on a young man named James Baron, who was in the middle of a virus bomb that killed everyone around him, including his young wife, but not him. He developed superpowers, and was recruited onto the Carriers, where he began to emulate his hero, the Investigator.

The Baron

The team was made up of various other heroes. This is the psionic, Martian Manhunter-type The Thinker:

The Thinker


Team strong guy/powerhouse Black Karma. Note: in the description of the character, he was actually NOT black-skinned. I didn’t set out to create another “Black Goliath” or “Black Lightning” character. His name reflected the fact that the character had done some terrible things, and his karma was fucked.

Black Karma


Here was the only female character in the group, Red Sister. She’s since been adapted into a new story I hope to have out soon-ish.

Red Sister


Here is walking plague factory Quarantine.



Here’s one of the bad guy’s henchmen – a very different take on a character I created years ago called Gentle John (the name was meant to be ironic…whatever.)

Gentle John


And the big bad himself….the Terrorchrist.



The Carriers is dead in the water, and I don’t see it coming back to the surface in a hurry. Some projects are very much of the time I created them, and this is one of them. As nice as these designs are, I don’t think they’ll ever get used for anything.

That’s that for now. Do yourself a favor and check out “Summer of Lust” by Library Voices.

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