A Christmas present for you

To everyone reading this – it’s Christmas time, and I have an early present for you.

One of the very first original comic ideas I had was for a comic called Antihero. I think most comic writers (or writers in general) remember when they first had that original idea that just made sense, that wasn’t a re-hash of all the other stuff you’ve read, that spoke to you and had a real voice. Antihero was that for me. It was also the first time I had really attempted to write a comic book script.

It sat for a long time as I tried to find an artist to work on it. It went through several different permutations before something solid got locked down. It was when I hooked up with artist David Pentecost that the ball really started rolling. David seemed to really like the idea and thought it was something he could work on. I’d written the first 3 issue scripts, and David penciled and inked the entire first issue. We then joined forces with colorist K. Michael Russell, who colored the first 8 pages. My buddy Magnus von Tesla lettered those pages, and we were off to the races.

But, as things happen in the comics industry, we didn’t get too far. David got busy with other projects, Kurt got busy with other projects, Magnus got busy with other projects. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m ALWAYS busy with other projects.

And then Jay Faerber and Monkeybrain released a book called Anti-Hero.

But Antihero is definitely one of the projects I want to get back to in the New Year, if we can arrange it. I love the story, I love what we’ve done already, and what is still to come.

So here’s the present – the first 8 pages of Antihero, free to read right here.

Antihero issue 1Antihero Lettered 01Antihero Lettered 02Antihero Lettered 03Antihero Lettered 04Antihero Lettered 05Antihero Lettered 06Antihero Lettered 07Antihero Lettered 08


There you go. The first 8 pages of Antihero. I’m still exceptionally proud of this work. Hopefully it will come back to life soon.

I won’t be posting before Christmas, so have a great one. If you want to listen to a great Christmas-y song that’s not really a Christmas song, check out “Winter on Victoria Street” by the Clientele. Cheers!

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