Long Time No See!

I’ve been away for too long, I know. And to make it up to you, here are some sneak peeks at some new projects in the works – I haven’t just been sitting on my ass, you dig?

The main character to a short story with Anders Blidlov, this is Abraham King, the pulp adventurer called The Hand of Glory.

Abraham King


After seeing Anders’ design and his pages, I want to do a bunch of shorts about this character.

Here is a panel from issue number two of Broken, by Mr. Jim Giar.

Broken issue 2


A snippet from Capacity by Jason Jarava.



This is the head of the “Doctor Moriarty of super-crime”, the Cardinal, from the upcoming one-shot called Cardinal, by Michael Tyler.

Cardinal head


An unused piece of a page from The Devil’s Hitman, by Matt Battaglia and Levi Walton.

Devils Hitman (1)


A bit of scenery from the suspense/horror book Funhouse, by Conan Momchilov.


An insanely detailed page from Red Rover, art by Daniel Pereira dos Santos.

Red Rover


And I don’t give a shit that I posted it before, here’s a shot of the main character from the upcoming Secret Aces, by Ken Knudtsen.

Secret Aces


Work is continuing apace! I promise. Lots of new stuff coming from me and my cohorts this year.

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