Free Comics…a day early!

Hey gang, to show I’m not such a bad guy (considering I left you all hanging without a blog update for a while), I’ve decided to try and one-up Free Comic Book Day by giving you some free comics today. It’s like Christmas in May, you feel me?

These are a couple of comic pitches that ultimately didn’t go anywhere. I absolutely love them both, and would jump back on them in a heartbeat, but for now, they’re both considered inactive.

First up is Antihero. This story is special because these first 8 pages are the first 7 pages I ever properly scripted when I first sat down to teach myself how to write comics. This was probably 10 years ago, and there wasn’t so many “how to write comics” things on the internet as there are now, so I really had no idea how to do it. However, I figured it out, and I still fully love the results.

Pencils and inks by David Pentecost. Colors by K. Michael Russell. Letters by MaGnUs. Here you go: Antihero.

antihero pentecost cover 1 3 2 12 ver 021234578

God I loved this story. There was going to be a lot of exploration of generational themes, the idea that if a bad guy is forced to do good, does he become a good guy? Themes of race, character redemption…Jesus, I had some lofty goals for this. I’d love to go back to it down the road, I just might need a new title, as there’s a Monkeybrain series with the same name.

Next up on your Pre-Free Comic Book Day plate is Deep Rest. This was a sci-fi/horror series I created and managed to fully creep myself out with while writing it. I wrote all 4 issues of what was to be a limited series, and then lost the last 3 when my laptop was stolen. I’ve since learned to back the shit up out of my work.

The story was built around a single catchphrase, which might not be the best way to create a story, but I did it anyway, because I desperately wanted to use this tagline somewhere in the comic, as a marketing/commercial type of thing:

“Depressed? Use Deep Rest!” It fully tied into the storyline, too.

Art by Fabian Cobos. Letters again by MaGnUs. Check it out: Deep Rest.

DR cover12345678

That’s it so far, that’s Deep Rest. I really dug the story, even if it did give me the willies while I wrote it. The characters grew on me immensely as well. I’m in the process of trying to re-start this story with a new artist, but so far it’s slow going.

That’s all for now – I might be back later today with another update on a third stalled-out comic.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy Free Comic Book Day tomorrow!

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