Red Rover – 4 page short story

Hey gang,

I’m back already – I know, I can’t believe it either! But I’m really digging sharing these comics with you, and I want to continue doing that. There’s no point in creating comics if no one will ever read them, you know? These were meant to be read and enjoyed.

This is a 4-page short story called Red Rover. It’s a sci-fi thing, a little out of my wheelhouse, but I dug it. Art duties are stunningly handled by Daniel Pereira dos Santos, who just absolutely brought the noise here.

These were intended for a sci-fi anthology, but the pages got turned down, unfortunately. So here we are – I wanted to share these, because Santo absolutely killed these pages, they’re jaw-dropping. See for yourself – Red Rover.


There you go, short and sweet. I absolutely love these pages, the amount of work Santo put in is insane. The level of detail is crazy. I thought about having these pages colored, and I think it might help a little with the clarity, but man…I don’t know. I love them the way they are. It’s a bold approach to a short story, in my mind.

So here’s one other little thing, just a tease – an image from the upcoming Devil’s Hitman by Matt Battaglia.


Matt’s getting close to having our pitch sequence finished, and then we can really put the Kickstarter plans in motion.

Until next time, do yourself a favor and go listen to “Everyday Robots” by Damon Albarn. It’s a damn fine album.


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