Pieces of Hate – another free comic!

I don’t know if anyone is actually reading these, but I’m having fun posting them, so here’s another one:

Pieces of Hate was conceived after I worked with Valentin Ramon on El Diablo Rojo. It was a weird stream of consciousness thing, I created a handful of characters, a setting, and just threw them into the pot and started writing. It was more of an experiment than anything else, but the whole time I pictured the story being illustrated by Valentin.

Valentin was extremely gracious and agreed to work on the story, and he even started throwing ideas at me about ways to improve upon the original idea. Valentin’s ideas were great, and added so much to the story without changing it. Originally, it was a semi-mindless gore fest – I just wrote some ultraviolence with a bit of a plot and that was that, but with Valentin’s additions, the story took on a proper pace and suddenly became a story worth writing and reading.

It still maintained some of the vile stuff the original did, but it now made more sense in the context of the story.

Unfortunately for me but fortunately for him, Valentin got picked up at Monkeybrain alongside my buddy, writer Ryan Ferrier, with the title D4VE – find it here: (https://www.comixology.com/D4VE/comics-series/12653) – seriously, go check it out, that shit is sharp as a tack, and Val’s work is breathtaking.

So the following pages are the 7 pages that Val was able to do before he had to step back to focus on D4VE. Some of the pages are incomplete, some are more complete than others, but I wanted to show them all how they are, so you can see the magic that Valentin is able to weave.

These were lettered by my buddy Micah Myers (http://micahmyers.daportfolio.com/) who always does a bang-up job.

Here we go – the grand unveiling of Pieces of Hate.


That’s all seven existing pages of Pieces of Hate. I love these, I love the twisted and depraved storyline we were developing, and I truly hope that one day Valentin and I can keep working on this.

That’s all for now – watch this space for a big announcement coming soon!


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