Hell to Pay – new dead pitch

Well, it’s been a while again, no? I’m bad at this.

Anyway, I’ve been busy creating lots of comics. Some are going places, some are not. This is one that’s not.

Hell to Pay was intended to be a 4-issue miniseries all about revenge. It’s structured the way a video game would be, where the “hero” has to fight through lots of bosses before he gets to the end boss. I worked with a dynamite artist who went by the name of Havoc Caster – I never found out his real name. But something happened after these pages were created: I lost ALL contact with the artist. No email in the past four months has been answered. Originally, I wanted to get in touch to discuss more pages, now I’d be happy just to know he’s okay. If anyone reading this is familiar with this artist, please have him contact me, or give me his updated contact info. Thank you.

Letters on this were done by my buddy and trusted letterer, Micah Myers – do yourself a favor and hire this man to letter your comics. He’s a true professional. Check him out at http://micahmyers.daportfolio.com/

Without further adieu, feast your eyes on my newest dead pitch: Hell to Pay.

Hell to Pay Cover 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


This was intended to form the basis of a publisher’s pitch. I think we stood a great chance at getting this picked up somewhere, but for now, it’s dead in the water. I’m not even sure I’d be happy continuing this with a new artist.

Havoc – if you’re out there, touch base!

I’ll try to keep this updated more often. Cheers!