2015 – Last Post of the Year

2015 was a bit of an off-year, comics-wise, but was a great year, life-wise. I’ll explain shortly.

 Comics-wise, I had a few things drop in 2015 – Knowledge finally saw print as a collected edition of all six issues, and I think it looks fantastic. I really love the story that Jerome and I created, and I hope to be able to get this book into the hands of readers. I’ll have copies for sale at some conventions next year.

 I had a couple of great short stories hit this year as well, one in the newest edition of FUBAR, By the Sword, a story called “The Leper King” illustrated by Chris McFann – I actually got to sign copies on a couple of occasions towards the end of the year, setting up shop with a fantastic artist and great human being named Mike Rooth.

 The other short was for Out of the Blue volume 2, called “Graves”, illustrated by my buddy Joe Badon. Both shorts were a lot of fun.

 The other main thing that I did this year in comics was co-create an experimental comics narrative with my friend and frequent collaborator Jerome Eyquem. He approached me about creating a panel-per-week style comic, so I gave him a brief story idea, and he took it and ran. Once we created a dozen or so panels, he sent them back to me to add text, and then our lettering partner Chris Horan came in and threw down the text. So far we’ve hit nine consecutive weeks without missing a beat for the first season of the story, which is called Conscious Stream and could be found here on the blog until the decision to move to a Tumblr account was made.

 I put together lots of pitches this year, and got a lot of new pitches underway, so 2016 is shaping up to be a good year for my work. Stuff with titles like Slow Heartbeat, Reapers, See You in Hell, World of Hurt, Heavy Hitter, Nothing Left, Pig House, SIRE, and the Wolf is Loose – so many ideas, so many amazing artists I’m teaming with!

 Outside of comics, this was a big year for me. We took all four kids on vacation to Cuba in March, where I proposed to Julia, and she said yes. We bought a new house in August, and added a new member to our family in the form of a kick-ass puppy named Phoenix. We just celebrated our first Christmas in the new house, with all four boys and the dog. It was a great year, and it filled my heart to no end.

Let’s all get together and make 2016 a year to remember.

Thanks for reading.



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