A new post? What happened?

So, I’m not doing great at this blogging thing this year, but I am doing pretty well with my comic book writing, so maybe that makes it okay.

I’m writing all of this down today as my pledge to remain transparent with my goals.

Lots of short stories locked down in 2016 so far. Two for Caliber Comics Presents, done. A short for a wrestling-themed anthology called Kayfabe. A short in an upcoming David Bowie tribute anthology. A short in the Leo Cosmos anthology, which was recently successfully Kickstartered. A short published on the Challenger Comics website. A pulp short for the recently announced Out of the Blue volume 3.

I have another short completed that was turned down by Caliber Presents, so I need to figure out what to do with that. I might run it here on the blog, not sure yet.

One more short that I plan on submitting to Caliber is underway and looking fantastic.

And on to the pitches being developed. Lots of pitches, new stories, some old stories, stuff like:

SIRE – a psychological secret agent story, which is likely going to be on hold for a good reason to be explained later in this post.

Pig House – a story of two hitmen hired to kill the world’s most dangerous man.

Season of the Beast – a story of barbarians in an ancient world battling inhuman creatures.

Critical – the story of two men turned into more than human against their will, and how one will risk his life to put an end to the evil of the other.

Fisticuffs – X-men meets Fight Club.

See You in Hell – a sci-fi story about the end of the world and one man’s role in it.

Slow Heartbeat – a love story (?) about a hitman falling for his target.

Freakshow – a VERY LONG gestating story about a young man’s fight against his monstrous family.

Dog Catcher – a sci-fi story about futuristic police and class war.

Protection – the story of the world’s scariest supervillain and the young Secret Service agent assigned to protect him…from what though?

Harder – a crime noir story about a former porn star turned private detective.

God Mode – more sci-fi about parallel lives and the cheat codes to reality.

Broken Hill – a real backwoods noir with my constant collaborator Carl Yonder.


Get a book published by Black Mask. A couple of these might fit in there.

Get a book published by Z2 comics.I came close last year, but this year I want to hit the nail on the head.

Get a book published by Aftershock. The lineup there is stellar. Amazing work being done.

Of course I want Dark Horse and Image as well, but I know my chances there. Baby steps.

I also have one other project about to start, a work-for-hire graphic novel that I can’t talk about, but it should be a very cool story, something being adapted from a screenplay.

I’m writing all this down to stay accountable. I want to make all of these stories a reality. You’ll enjoy them, I promise.

I will also try to update things here on the blog more often as well.

Stay good.