Broken Hill.

Okay, so I missed a day, but I’m ending the week off strong.

The next project I want to talk about is called BROKEN HILL, subtitled The Burning Man.

Broken Hill is a graphic novel project being created by Carl Yonder and myself, with my buddy Micah Myers on letters. For those who are unaware of our history, Carl and I have been working together for many years. I’ve created more pages of comics with Carl than with anyone else. We did the 4-issue series GHOST LINES. We’ve done countless short stories, for FUBAR, for Oxymoron, for other digital anthologies. We’ve always bounced work off of each other, and started putting together Broken Hill when another potential opportunity for us both fell through.

Broken Hill is kind of unlike anything I’ve ever worked on (same for Carl, I think). It’s a very grounded and realistic crime story. We’ve been describing it as True Detective meets Justified. It’s rural neo-noir.

Here’s the cover.


“Sheriff Alonso Wilkins is caught in the middle of an escalating drug war in the rural town of Broken Hill. Alongside his young deputy, Wilkins does whatever he can to protect his city from a derangedĀ arsonist intent in destroying Broken Hill at the behest of the county’s most powerful drug lord.”

The subtitle The Burning Man refers to the events in this story. Our plan is to create Broken Hill stories in the same manner as Sin City, where we’ll create new works focusing on other characters. We’ll be living in Broken Hill for a long time, I think.

I’m proud of this one, and proud of my long-time association with Carl. We’re hoping to have this first 60-page (or so) graphic novella done by mid-next year. The story is currently being pitched to publishers.

As always, thanks for reading, and come back on Monday where I’m going to be sure to post again about another upcoming project.


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