New Day, new project: The Argus

Back again, folks. Not quite as frequently as I’d planned, but here we are anyway. Rest assured, the time spent away from writing here in this blog is being used to write the scripts for your new favorite comics.

Today we’ll discuss my upcoming pitch The Argus.

The Argus was an idea I had a number of years ago. I wanted to do a straight-up sci-fi thing, something I hadn’t really attempted before. There’s a very hard sci-fi core to The Argus (one that I’m not going to spoil here), dealing with time travel and paradoxes and the like.

The best part about writing science fiction is that you can make up the rules as you go. I’ve made up a ton of rules about time travel for The Argus, and in my mind, they all make sense. So when you eventually read this story, you’ll see the sense being made.

Anyway, the first attempt at creating The Argus was with my buddy Joel Seguin, a Montreal native who I worked with to create the first iteration of this story. It didn’t pan out, and Joel got busy with other, more high-profile work, and the story didn’t move for a while – like, a couple of years?

But it always picked away at me, at that corner of my brain where ideas won’t shut up until they get made. So I knew I had to get this story out of my head. I actually posted for an artist on Digital Webbing, a site that I used to use very often and haven’t been to much lately. But I got a hit from an artist named Darryl Knickrehm. He showed me some samples of a sci-fi book he was working on, and they blew me away – this guy was the real deal and I couldn’t wait to work with him.

Darryl did a bunch of designs for the story, for the characters, different ideas for their outfits and uniforms, and he killed it on every level. One of the main things about The Argus is how the characters look – for a very specific reason that I still won’t get into here (I want you to read it and be surprised, okay?), but Darryl nailed it perfectly.

What I will do is show you the cover.


Darryl thinks about covers the way I do – strong, bold, graphic images. Something different, something that will stand out. We’re planning on using this format, with the upside-down triangle, as the basis for each cover for this series (which is planned to be 4 issues in total).

With my buddy Matej Stasko on colors and eventually the maestro Micah Myers on letters, we’re getting closer every day to having this pitch ready to go. I have my eye on a specific publisher for The Argus, one that I’ve already been in contact with.

That’s today’s post. Enjoy.


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