Happy Monday- PIG HOUSE

Okay, it’s Monday, things are happening, the week is starting, and I have a new pitch to show and tell.

It’s called PIG HOUSE, and is illustrated beautifully by the incredible Steven Austin. I’d love to show you some pages, but…okay, maybe just the cover:


Pig House is the story of the world’s most dangerous and unstable hitmen. They are hired to assassinate a devious and demented serial killer who is currently incarcerated in the world’s most top secret prison, called Pig House.

It starts off simple and gets complicated as a massive jailbreak means our killers have to scour the world to bring the escapees back.

I don’t want to give too much more away. I really love this pitch and how it turned out and I can’t wait for a publisher to pick it up.

Hope your weekend was good. Happy Halloween!



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