Yikes…mid-February and the first post of the year?

Okay, okay, I get it. I’m really bad at this blogging thing. But let it be known that I work a full-time job, have 4 kids, a house, mortgage, all that stuff.

Okay, no more excuses – I should be here more. But I’m not wasting my time, I’ve been creating some awesome comics, and I’d like to share some stuff with you today.

I have a bunch of pitches ready to rock n’ roll for 2017:


Slow Heartbeat – a crime noir love story, with art by Kristian Carstensen.

neckbeardNeck Beard: Hillbilly for Hire – Redneck monster hunter, with art by Joe Koziarski and Ellie Wright.

hell-to-pay-pageA page from Hell to Pay – a video game-inspired revenge story, with art by Daniel Franco and Bryan Timmins.


Broken Hill: The Burning Man – a rural noir story, with art by Carl Yonder.


The Argus – a time-travel sci-fi story, with art by Darryl Knickrehm and Matej Stasko.


Pig House – a superhuman crime noir thriller, with art by Steven Austin.

These are just a few of the upcoming pitches I have coming together, as I recently lined up 3 new projects with 3 fantastic new artists. I’m very excited about the books I’m putting together this year, and these are all in addition to the short stories I’m creating for some anthologies, as well as the 5-issue miniseries I have being published this summer.

Glad to see you, and I hope to continue to show you new work on a (semi) regular basis.



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