Bastard’s Waltz – this Wednesday!

Hi All,

Long time coming, Bastard’s Waltz hits store shelves this Wednesday. It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work by myself and many other people, who I would like to list here.

Giovanni Guida, Bastard’s Waltz artist – without Giovanni, none of this would have happened. He embraced my idea and brought the characters to life and made this book look distinct and unique and unlike anything else on the shelves. He is almost fully responsible for us getting to this point.

Micah Myers, Bastard’s Waltz letterer – what can I say about Micah? He’s one of the very (very) few guys I trust to letter my work, to take my words and put them on the page. He kills it each time, finds the right font and style for each project and then blow it up. My words never look better than when he’s lettering them.

Renee Geerlings – without Renee’s early enthusiasm for the project that would become Bastard’s Waltz, it wouldn’t be hitting shelves this week. She was always supportive and made sure we kept in line, stayed on task, and created a fantastic product.

Phillip Smith II – the guy who kept us all in the loop. Phil was our middleman, the one who communicated with all sides and kept us flowing, kept us staying on track and made sure we didn’t slack.

Jeff Kline – Darby Pop’s bossman, Jeff was our number one cheerleader throughout this creation process. His excitement for the project and characters was palpable from the start. His input, experience, and second-set-of-eyes was invaluable for me.

Bastard’s Waltz. Check it out, this Wednesday, at finer comic stores everywhere, and on Amazon:

Thanks for all your support!